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A Series by EVT Educational Productions Inc.

Manifest Destiny meets Roots, meets Django, meets The Alamo, meets the Gold Rush, the Underground Railroad, the Civil War, Cheyenne Autumn, The Trail of Tears, and The Last of the Mohicans. 


And so much more!

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Freedom Now! is a major documentary series that vividly brings our forgotten American history to life: the early inroads of the Spanish Conquistadors and their descendants into the “New World;” the Black interpreters, scouts and guides who helped the first White explorers interact with the Natives in North America; the incredible stories of notorious Black outlaws and courageously intellectual Natives; tales of Native American slave owners, and the true history of the Alamo, the Transcontinental Railroad, the Gold Rush Days and their forgotten impact on Native, Hispanic, Chinese and African-Americans. And through it all, the indomitable drive for freedom and equality in the face of often heart-lifting support and generosity, but also rank racism, land-hunger, and the undying, unquenchable spirit that characterized the collective pioneer experience.


Indeed, the real story of how “America” became America is a multi-dimensional, fascinating mosaic of extraordinary, unexpectedly overlapping, conflicting and competing forces, forgotten groups-and-power-struggles, and dynamically dangerous people. 


That multi-faceted, multi-layered, fiendishly complex and highly emotional story has never been fully told.  “Freedom Now!” will tell that exciting, adventurous, often tragic, enlightening, and yes, inspiring story.

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